HYdrogen POwer THeoretical and Engineering Solutions International Symposium

A. Martin, L. Jörissen Autostack–Core–Industry Led European Consortium to Develop Next Generation Automotive Fuel Cell Stack

V. Fateev, I. Baranov, I. Maruseva, A. Kalinnikov, A. Pushkarev Modeling of PEM Catalyst Layer Based on Graphene Type Materials

S. Um, A-R. Kim, S-J. Chung and S. Shin Multidisciplinary Analysis  of Bypass Flow Through Mechanically Deformed Gas Diffusion Media with Stamped Metallic Bipolar Plate Designs in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

H. Zamora, J. Plaza, M. A, Rodrigo, P. Cañizares and J. Lobato Study  of the Influence on the Titanium Content in SiCTiC Used in HT-PEMFC Short
L. Andaloro, A. Arista, G. Agnello, G. Napoli, G. Dispenza and V. Antonucci Study and Design  of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Lithium Batteries-PEMFC)

D. De la Merced-Jimenez, J. S. Pathiyamattom, S. Gamboa-Sánchez, A. Álvarez-Gallegos Expectations in the Development  of Microbial Fuel Cells
M. Sánchez-Molina, N. Rojas G-Pardo, L. González Rodríguez, L. Rodriguez and C. del Río Bueno Fabrication and Characterization  of Composite Membranes for PEMFC
S. C. Anibal de Almeida Simulation  of PAFC System for Cogeneration Extended
C. Merino, G. Rodado and G. Alcalde Fabrication Laboratory (FABLAB) CNH2 Extended Presentation
A. Lubrano Lavadera, E. Jannelli, M. Minutillo, A. Perna, S.P. Cicconardi Investigations on an Energy Storage System Based on High Temperature Fuel Cells for an Off-Grid Renewable Power Plant

N. Lapena-Rey, J. A. Blanco, S. Pereira, J. L. Lemus, E. Ferreyra and E. Serrot Design, Development, Bench and Flight Tests  of Fuel Cell-Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

N. Lapena-Rey, E. Troncoso Environmentally Friendly Hydrogen Refueling System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

F. J. Pinar, M. Rastedt, N. Pilinski and P. Wagner Start/Stop Cycling in a PBI-Based High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell: Effect  of Idling Temperature Short
H. Zamora, J. Plaza, M. A, Rodrigo, P. Cañizares and J. Lobato A Preliminary Electrochemical Assesment  of  Pt/ SiCTiC, as Catalyst for HT-PEMFC

N. de Miguel, B. Acosta, P. Moretto, R. Ortiz Cebolla Influence of the Gas Injector on the Temperature Evolution during the Refueling  of On-Board Hydrogen Tanks

R. Barbosa, B. Escobar, J. Andaverde and U. Cano An Analytical Scaling Method to Study Effective Transport Coefficients in a PEMFC Catalyst Layer
R. Barbosa, J. M. Sierra, K. Kuan-Wen, B. Escobar and J. Hernandez Multilayer Stacking Design  of a Low Power Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell for Portable Applications

J. M. Sierra, R. Barbosa, J. Macedo, S. J. Figueroa-Ramírez and S. Díaz A Study on the Heat Dissipation in a PEM Fuel Cell with Different Flow Fields

U. A. Icardi, A. Coralli and P. E. V. de Miranda SOFC Test Bench for the Direct Use of Anhydrous Carbon-Rich Fuels

V.B. Oliveira, J.P. Pereira and A.M.F.R. Pinto Proposal of a Reaction Mechanism and Development  of a Kinetic Model to the Hydrolysis  of Sodium Borohydride under Pressure