Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the Hypothesis XIII symposium, to be held in Singapore July 24-27, 2018!

This is the first time HYPOTHESIS series will take its journey in Asia.

We are excited that the choice of its 1st destination is in Singapore!

In 2002, a few NTU colleagues and I attended the 14th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) in Montreal, Canada. At that time, the 1st World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) was newly introduced as a parallel series to the WHEC. The introduction of WHTC had indicated the growing interest in Hydrogen Technologies worldwide. We were much honored to have successfully bid for hosting the 1st WHTC conference at Singapore in 2005.

Just like WHEC and WHTC, HYPOTHESIS is under the auspices of International Association Hydrogen Energy (IAHE). HYPOTHESIS cover the theoretical and engineering aspects of hydrogen technologies, and to offer solutions to build a hydrogen society/economy for a more sustainable future. Not only hydrogen is an ideal energy carrier, it serves as a form of chemical energy storage and a new energy vector for mankind when integrated into an energy-mix matrix.

From 2018 and onwards, the HYPOTHESIS symposium series will be held once every year instead of every other year. This is a strong indicator that the interest in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies by the academia and industries is raising.

We welcome all of you coming around the world, from industry or academic, to join us and share your views and visions on the future of hydrogen. We hope the nice discussions in the symposium will serve as a platform for the same minded individuals to network and catalyzes ideas for other collaborations, as well as to help create a hydrogen and fuel cell community for research and businesses.

We also invite you to explore Singapore, this lovely Garden City, and to experience the multi-cultural country.

We wish all to have a memorable hydrogen journey here in Singapore!


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